The Conference CIPR — is the most representative business event, one of the five largest events in the field of the digital economy in Russia. For many years, it has been a key platform for discussing the digital transformation of society and key sectors of the economy. CIPR is a meeting point for market leaders and a showcase of best practices, technologies, and ideas.

The conference brings together the leading actors of the digital economy from large and medium businesses, the startup community, science, and digital art. The CIPR discusses the future of digital technologies, and their impact on the economy, society, ecology, education, and the social sphere.

CIPR is an expert platform for discussing new initiatives and proposals. CIPR is also a venue for hackathons, pitching sessions, and NFT art exhibitions.


The sole organizer of the enterprise and the owner of the «Digital Industry of Industry of Russia» («CIPR») brand is the «OMG, OOO» company.